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Let's face it; all of us face situations when we find ourselves cornered by financial emergencies. A few days before your pay check arrives an unforeseen emergency catches you off guard and you realize you have very little funds in the bank to cope with the emergency. In such a situation over drafting your bank account may seem like the only option available to you. Is this really the case?

A fast pay day loan or cash advance can prove to be a great alternative. With a pay day loan you will have the funds to take care of emergency medical bills, a much needed car repair, pay that surmounting credit card bill, which may charge you late fee plus a high interest rate. All this without paying the high finance charges and fees that the bank is sure to levy plus the endless paperwork associated with all transactions done with a bank. You need not go through the nerve wracking credit check either.

All this talk about how viable an online payday loan is, how much a cash advance can help you or which cash advance lender you should contact to get your loan quickly and efficiently processed may bring one question to your mind, what are the requirements to get a pay loan processed? Different lenders may have their own requirements but I have outlined some broad requirements for obtaining a cash advance or a pay day loan. You need to be 18 or above to avail of this loan.

You should have a regular job or a proof of regular income.

You should have an active open bank account.

Most lenders would ask you to submit a copy of your most recent pay stub, a copy of a voided personal check, your home and work telephone numbers. They would also seek permission to contact you on both the numbers. Some of them even require you to have a minimum monthly income of $1000 or $1500. They also want you to settle any outstanding pay day loans before this loan will be processed. Some of them even require a copy of your most recent bank statements.

For your loan to be approved, you should meet the requirements of your specific lender. Your loan application will be evaluated by the lender based on his criteria for loan approval. Some factors that may affect the approval of your loan will be income, whether your there is direct deposit of your pay, your past history of pay day loans and your state of residence.

To enhance your prospects of your loan getting approved with a lender please fill information that is verifiable.

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